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How Do I Love Thee...?

With chocolate of course!

The Valentine's Day tradition of giving candy began in the mid-1800s, however the tradition of getting young men and women of marrying age together during mid-winter pre-dates Christianity.

The day gets its name from the Christian Saint Valentine, who was imprisoned for performing illegal marriages. Before his death, he wrote a letter to his love and signed it "Your Valentine". He was executed on February 14, 269(A.D.) and sainted several hundred years later.

The Victorians, who tended to be rather prudish, didn't like the idea of a day for lovers, so they introduced the baby Cupid to greeting cards and small boxes of candy and included children in the celebration.

Americans came on board in the 1880s, when the first Valentine's Day card was mass produced. Today, more cards are sent on Valentine's Day than any other holiday (except Christmas), and men are the big spenders on gifts, candy and flowers. Women, if you send yourself flowers on Valentine's Day, you aren't alone-15% of us do.

So buy your sweetie (or yourself) the chocolate you crave. You are carrying on a tradition thousands of years old.

How Do I Love Thee? With Chocolate.

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