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Our Story

Sue Charney loves candy. All candy. On April 1, 2002 she and her husband Jack founded Red Rocker Candy in the basement of their home making toffees and brittles, selling them to local gourmet shops and boutiques. As the business grew, they moved into a larger facility opening a store-front that became Jack's pride and joy.

It was in 2009, a year before Jack's diagnosis with Leukemia, that Sue introduced her first pretzel snack mix known as the Rocking Chair Mix®. A combination of cereals, almonds and pretzels coated in a silky, white confection, this sweet and salty mix was simply addicting and quickly became one of their best sellers. Five years later, Sue found herself mourning the loss of her husband but determined to not quit after they had come so far with the business.

It was Jack's love of the Rocking Chair Mix® combined with its rising popularity that inspired her to add four new flavors to their product line - coffee, lemon, peanut and peppermint. Seeing that the gourmet pretzel mixes also filled a void in the snack food industry, Sue decided to make them the company's sole focus and in late 2019, closed the store-front in order to expand its factory and shipping facility.

Today, Red Rocker Candy continues to operate in Troy, VA, making candy with love. You can find our pretzel mixes in markets and gourmet stores all across the United States. We hope you, and your taste buds, enjoy our mixes as much as we do!

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The story of Red Rocker Candy, as told by Sue Charney, Owner